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[icon] Guilty by Assosiation
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Time:01:52 am
so ive been thinking about moving back home for the past couple of months, its maddness cause i can never get myself to do it cause if i go back home it will feel as tho ive failed. its completly irrational i know but i just cant help feeling like that. i mean i love this city, i love pittsburgh but it just feels so empty at times (well most of the time) i mean i have "friends" (more like people i see that know my name, i mean i dont think any of them really care other then maybe niq, but i dont blame them i mean to them im basically a stranger im just sam's friend from ohio or niq's old roommate so it nothing against them) but since sam left i have no one, none of my people. no matter how hard i try i never see rashaad or pat. eric is still in columbus and sam moved back
i dont know
this place has a lonley aura to it now
im looking for something but i dont know what it is

fuck this nevermind

i mean the muthafucka drags a coffin around to town to town filled with guns!!!!!!!!
if anyone can find me this movie on dvd ill be your slave for a month!
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Time:01:20 pm

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Subject:Wizard world chicago
Time:05:10 am
is anyone going to the wizard world chicago august 13-15?
if so contact me im gonna be pimping two new minis
ill hopefully have some preview art of them by the end of the week as soon as i figure out how to post images:)
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Current Music:alkaline trio-queen of pain
Subject:your scars look pretty tonight
Time:01:37 pm
Current Mood:accomplishedaccomplished
as the rooftops turn to slipnters i look
your bedsheets are soaked with blood
im sorry i didnt make a bigger mess
you run downstair afraid to look back
all i want is a hug
and a knife in your back
i smile
you scream
you dont know what this means to me
thank you
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Current Music:that goddamn chrono cross theme
Subject:im not sure why im here
Time:01:51 pm
Current Mood:all of the above
take every emotion one can think of
put it in a pot
pour some milk in there
stir untill (it's) nice and thick
then drink

i dont know wheather to laugh, cry, build a house, shoot myself, or become a catholic priest
*shrugs* i'm cun-fuse...

you're right darling: life is NEVER boring
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Current Music:radiohead-kid A
Time:10:03 pm
Current Mood:blahblah
my socail scene has, as of late, become very complicated (and not in that fun way).you see there are these girls in my life (and before you think "wow hes such the pimp" i would like to piont out my very unfortante situations)
one) there is alisha who is obsesed with me. shes cool and all but i only see her as a friend (and i really hate leading people on) but shes also a massive flirt so when shes around me shes all touchy feely, so in return and not to lead her on i avoid being in a private sistuation which makes her think that i dont like her...
two)there is angie who is super cool, she has this warm and caring personality and she constantly giddy but she has two major downfalls 1 she is an actress in traning meaning she gave a company a couple grand so that they could tell her how to live her life, she is completly controled by these people (shes also a blond haired blue eyes type which really doesnt turn me on but thats a minor piont) 2 my absolute best friend dan (who shares that role with samandhilary) has warned me that angie has a history of being a well for lack of a better term slut. but that baffles me because her personality doesnt show it at all.
three) there is rachel who is a super-cool girl that a friend of mine introduces me to, shes awesome cause she fits into my dorky-girl perference (that really turns me on) and shes into alot of the same things that i am but shes the younger sister of a friend of mine which kinda freaks me out.
four) theres jenny but thats WAY TOO complicated to get into
and five) there is ria, who is perfect shes into almost ever thing that im into and shes too cute (shes has the dorky thing going on but then she has these amazing eyes and lips OH MY GOD) thing is if she was here i wouldnt be having this problem because i would want here but the major catch is that she lives in new york, NEW FUCKING YORK, i mean i meet the perfect girl and shes about four states away oi! so anyway im here alone writting peotry nad venting to anyone who will read this
this completly sucks
its not teen angst or anything just fucked up fate
but *shrugs* what can ya do
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Current Music:They Might Be Giants
Time:08:46 pm
Current Mood:intimidatedintimidated
so i cheaked me email today and was greeted by a pleasnt surpirse, it seems as though someone was reading my journal and responded to one of my entries. YAY! anyway this was cool, yes, but i am no a bit paranoid about how is and hows not reading this junk:) oi the world is watching..................
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Current Music:me first and the gimme gimmes
Time:03:09 pm
Current Mood:aggravatedaggravated
i dont really understand how or what people think or what their reasoning on things are. they make such STUPID actions sometimes. looking at them from a distance they seem like ants...running and scorowing around thinking what they are doing is important. they there are a few times when one of them, who i feel at the moment is the most important thing in the universe, drags me into the ant farm. i dont know how to act like these ants so my mistakes in their culture is understandable right?...........ill never understand them, but they are fun to look at
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Current Music:Radiohead- the national anthem
Time:07:26 am
Current Mood:creativecreative
i have come to a few realazations over the past few hours.
first-i talk like a valley girl on novacain when tried.
and two- i am easily attrached to lesbians. now let me explian, im not attached to them in the type of way that most american males are no that isnt it at all. im attached to them because 9 times out of 10 they fit my vaugue type. that being of course a dorky, smart, funny, sarcastic, dark haired, beautiful eyed, well-spoken, bit-punky, artsey/peot type.
im not saying that all girls who fit that discription are lesbians, only the ones i meet are.
im serious 3 of the past girls whom i have dated (not counting my ex) have fitten that discription and have been bi-sexual and or a full card-carring member of the lesbian party.
of course this sucks on my part but the humor does not escape me.....lol.
on a different note im starting to make notes for a rough draft of a film that my friends and i are going to make. itss intitled PUNK IS DEAD its stars characters who are more or less exagerasions on my friends personalities. what im worried about the most isn't the film/sound/editing equipment and/or how much is it going to cost but rather if my friends who are going to star in the respective roles in which the character was based on can act all....
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Current Music:rival schools-hooligans for life
Subject:happy days
Time:04:36 am
Current Mood:dorkydorky
so like my ex in like a couple of states away (yay!) and im preety sure that im over it and all and most importantly im finding out that there are ALOT and i mean ALOT of really cute mousey/dorky girls in the columbus area! YIPPEE! (if you are one of these girls do feel free to email/im me- love your friendly neighborhood HADFA)
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[icon] Guilty by Assosiation
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View:Website (you laugh now but one day we'll be in charge).
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